​​Elizabeth Taylor, LPC​​     Professional Counseling  in Jackson - Brandon, MS

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Elizabeth Taylor, LPC

Counseling services:

Elizabeth offers individual counseling, marriage and premarital counseling, adolescent counseling, Christian counseling, and trauma counseling in the Brandon area. Her counseling services are confidential, compassionate and centered around the client's goals for therapy. She has recently been certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional by IATP (2017).

Worried about the cost or insurance coverage?

Most insurances cover mental health counseling for individuals and families with only a copay amount.  Some insurances cover a large percentage after the initial annual deductible has been met.  If you have specific policy questions, please contact your insurance company.

Elizabeth participates in the following insurance networks:

* Blue Cross Blue Shield of MS

* AHS/State Employee Network

* United/United Behavioral Health Network

* NO Medicaid or Medicare accepted

More about Elizabeth:

Elizabeth received her Master's of Counseling Psychology degree in 1997 from University of Southern Mississippi.  She obtained her License in 1999 and has experience with children, teens, adults and families in various clinical settings over the last 18 years. She opened her private practice office in 2013.  She has been married for over 24 years and has two children. ​She was initially drawn towards the counseling field as a teen after experiencing a sudden and tragic loss.  She understands what it's like to feel trapped by past wounds or struggle to move past them into the future. 

Do you feel overwhelmed by life?  Are you struggling in your marriage or with your teen?   Are you hindered today because of unresolved pain from your past?  Are you facing seemingly impossible decisions and don't know where to turn?  I understand.  I know that family relationships can be difficult.  The pressing demands of our families, careers, children, health issues, and even unresolved feelings from the past can feel unmanageable at times.  If that sounds like you, talking to a professional counselor might help. Call me, let's begin to talk.

Call now at 601-724-4157.

Of particular interest to me are women's issues surrounding the struggle with infertility, helping victims recover from traumatic events, and building healthy relationships.